Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Harris Performs Rejuvenation Surgery

Dr. Harris understands that the decision to undergo facial rejuvenation surgery is a very personal one. He always begins with a 1:1 private consultation to discuss your interests and expectations. As a plastic surgeon, he knows that clear communication is critically important, and he wants to make sure every one of your questions is answered. You will discuss how facial rejuvenation surgery takes into account a very detailed review of the chronology of change overtime of your overall appearance. Dr. Harris knows you want to look younger, not different – and that’s the difference. You can rest assured he is an experienced plastic surgeon who values you and understands the journey you are about to take.

Next, Dr. Harris believes the communication process is very important in order to develop your Personal Surgical Rejuvenation Procedure Plan. This will result in a more natural, fresher and younger look. The facial rejuvenation procedure must meet my your expectations – and his. It’s important that the result appears natural to family and friends.

As a facial consultation patient, you are asked to bring old photos to the consultation in order that he might better understand the “pattern of change” that has occurred during your lifespan. Dr. Harris has spent his entire plastic surgery career studying the many small, minute changes that occur and contribute to “looking older”. His surgical philosophy addresses the many small changes in order to not over emphasize any aspect that gives an “over-done” or “operated-on” appearance.

Creating balance and facial harmony requires a fusion of lifting and returning facial structures to their previous position while, at the same time, creating facial fullness and contours of youth. Dr. Harris’ constant and intense attention to every patient need has been rewarded with many positive comments and personal testimonies by patients, their spouses, family members, co-workers and friends, who see a younger, more refreshed version of the person that they have known for years.