Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels For Facial Wrinkles And Furrows

Managing the condition of the skin is a priority to maintain youthfulness. As part of Dr. Harris’ general consultation, he will always discuss the origins of and treatments for wrinkles. Botox certainly helps diminish the furrows and wrinkles that are caused by muscle activity; however, sun damage and environmental factors over time create pigmentation issues and fine facial wrinkles that can only be addressed with some type of skin smoothing procedure.

Over the years Dr. Harris has had the opportunity to use hi-tech laser and energy devices that offered great promise. However, he believes these did not deliver lasting results. He has found that medical-grade skincare programs coupled with frequent chemical peels provide the best value and long-term approach to creating a more smooth and youthful looking skin.

Dr. Harris encourages his patients to perform a light chemical peel in the winter in order to address the fine wrinkles and minimize any risk of pigmentation due to the exposure to sunlight. Typically, he will perform chemical peels on Wednesday and Thursday. This allows the redness and skin peeling to occur over the weekend. By Monday or Tuesday most patients are able to cover up with moisturizer and sun block and can safely return to normal activity.

Dr. Harris always advises his patients to avoid the temptation of a contemplating a “quick fix” by expensive lasers and other devices. Rather, he suggests patients consider investing in a quality skincare regimen and an annual peel as a prudent long-term solution to fine facial wrinkles and pigment problems.