Skin Cancer Screening By A Plastic Surgeon In Ponte Vedra

The most common types of skin cancers are basal cell and squamous cell. These are not life-threatening skin cancers and are managed best with surgical excision. The removal of most skin cancers takes under 30 minutes to accomplish.

Dr. Harris numbs the skin around the lesion with a local anesthetic, then removes the skin cancer, which is sent directly to a pathologist for review in order to ensure complete removal. The wound is typically closed with sutures that will be removed in five-to-seven days. During that time the healing wound will be covered with a relatively inconspicuous flesh-colored tape. After suture removal, Dr. Harris recommends that you continue with flesh colored tape placed on the wound for protection for at least a week. Patients are typically able to shower during this time, but need to avoid bathing and swimming. Specific exercises may be allowed. Dr. Harris' staff will advise what is safe. After this time, you may begin to use one of the topical scar gels or vitamin E to ensure the best healing for your scar.

Skin cancers are very common and most are easily managed when diagnosed early. Dr. Harris always recommends that you continue getting routine skin cancer checks with your primary care physician or dermatologist.