Breast Lift Surgery Can Many Times Alleviate Neck And Back Discomfort

A woman's breast may sag over time due to many reasons including weight loss, pregnancy, breast-feeding,and simply aging. The lower position of the breast can change a woman's posture, cause neck and back discomfort and generally produces a flat wide breast that gives a woman a "bousomy" look and feel. Many patients actually come to me asking for breast implants to give them a more elevated or youthful appearance when a simple breast lift may suffice. A breast lift can be performed as an outpatient with very little downtime typically allowing a woman to return to light work in 3 to 4 days if need be. Breast lift does not restore breast volume that might be lost after pregnancy and breast-feeding or with weight loss however many women are pleasantly surprise helpful their breasts look when the extra skin is reduced and their breasts are in a higher position and appear for more youthful. I encourage my patients who want both hire youthful abreast and larger breasts to consider a breast lift alone as they may be very happy with their appearance following the operation and avoid breast implant surgery.Although the operation places incisions around the nipple areolar complex and typically a vertical incision, most patients who have lived with the sagging breasts for many years find the trade off more than acceptable and almost all patients are very glad that they had the procedure done and wish they had it earlier in their life.